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You can access your VPS console through our Cloud Portal.  When accessing the console, this gives you direct access into the virtual server, even if there is no network connectivity.

  1. When you are logged into our Cloud Portal, click on the Services box

  2. When you are viewing My Products & Services website, click on the Virtual Server that you would like to access its console

  3. When you are viewing the Manage Product page for your Virtual Server, then scroll down and click on the Serial Console button

  4. A new window will pop up where you can select how long you would like to create a session for your Console access

  5. Once you have selected how long you would like your session to last, then click on the Create Session button

  6. The Java applet will load and you will need to allow the application to run by clicking the Run button

  7. Click on the Ok button to connect to the console session on the server

  8. Click Yes to establish the connection to the server host

  9. Enter in the temporary console password that is located at the top of the website and click the OK button

  10. You have now logged into the console successfully.

Please Note: The temporary console password will no longer exist once the session time has finished. This temporary console password will change each time you wish to log into the console.

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