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Accessing the Server Console can be done through our Cloud Portal website or directly through our VPS control panel website.

When access the server console, you will be prompted to load the Java program/application on your local computer.

To install Java onto your computer, you can download Java and install it by visiting the Java website

After installing Java, you will need to go to the Java Configuration program to add our site to your exception site list.

  1. Start/Open the Configure Java application on your local computer

  2. Select the Security tab along the top of the program

  3. Under the Exception Site List, click on the Edit Site List...  button located towards the bottom of the program

  4. Click on the Add button and enter in our website portal URL's to the list

  5. Once they have been entered in, than click on the OK button to save those settings.

  6. Inside the Configure Java program, click on the Apply and OK buttons to save those settings and close the Configuration Java program.

After entering in those security exceptions, you may need to refresh the website and attempt to load the console again.

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