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Through our Cloud Portal you will be able to upgrade and downgrade your Cloud Servers resources.

When modifying your servers rosources, these changes will be applied to the server after clicking the apply button.

  1. When you are logged into our Cloud Portal, click on the Services box

  2. When you are viewing My Products & Services website, click on your Elastic Cloud service

  3. On the Elastic Cloud website, you will see a list of your cloud servers, here you can click on the blue Server Icon under the Actions column

  4. Located on the right side of the Cloud Portal website is the link to the Upgrade website that is located at the bottom under the Additional Tools menu

  5. When you are on the Edit Server Details website, here you can modify your servers resources

    1. Memory/RAM

    2. CPU Cores

    3. Disk Space

    4. Bandwidth

    5. IP Addresses

  6. Once you have completed your resource changes, then click on the Save Changes blue button.

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