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To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for your site from Plesk, follow these steps


1. Login to Plesk control panel

2. Search for an option "SSL/TLS Certificates"

3. "Add SSL/TLS Certificate"

4. Here you will need to type in the information. For example:
Certificate name: Domain name
Bits :2048
State or province
Location (city)
Organization name (company)
Organization department or division name
Domain name: Make sure to include www. For example
Email: NOTE This must be a generic address such as,, If one of these does not exist, you will have to create it.

5. Make sure that above information is correct and then click on "Request". Hereafter Plesk will generate CSR and private keys. Make sure to copy these keys in safe location as you will need these keys for SSL installation.


How to create CSR from cPanel


1) Login to your cPanel control panel:

- http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/cpanel

2) Under Security and click on "SSL/TLS".

 Security section

3) Click on "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests"

 Create CSR

4) Under "Generate a New Certificate Signing Request (CSR)", enter the following information:

- Key: select "Generate a new 2,048 bit key"

- Domain - Your domain name.

For single domain SSL it should be like: www.YOURDOMAIN.COM

For Wildcard SSL, which cover unlimited subdomains, it should be like: *.YOURDOMAIN.COM

- Country - Enter the two-digit country code in which you organisation is located.

- State - The state in which your organization is located. Do not use an abbreviation.

- City - The city in which your organization is located.

- Company - The legally registered name of your organization/company.

- Company Division - The name of your department within the organization (frequently this entry will be listed as "IT," "Web Security," or is simply left blank).

- Email - Your email address where the CSR will be sent.

- Passphrase: Not require to order an SSL

- Description - Add a desciption

5) Click the Generate button. The CSR will display in the window.
The CSR always start with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and end with "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----":

CSR sample

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